Back Scratcher / Shoe Horns

We carry a variety of bamboo backscratchers, shoehorns and back massagers. After looking at everything thatís out there, we think that we have found the best items of each type that are available.

All of our bamboo back scratchers and shoehorns are made from mature Moso bamboo. Our factory specs only the base of the bamboo poles for our backscratchers so that they have the thickest strongest handles possible that wonít flex away from your back when you scratch hard. The handle is a comfortable hand filling 1 1/2" wide, not a skinny stick like you'll find on other backscratchers. We're so confident in these backscratchers that if you manage to break one, we'll send you a free replacement as long as you cover the shipping costs.

We work directly with factories in China so that we can guarantee fair pay and working conditions. The production of these backscratchers is environmentally friendly as well. All of the bamboo is selectively harvested from large managed plantations in a manner that does not destroy the bamboo stand. Scrap off cuts of bamboo from the shaping process are used for fuel both to steam the back scratchers in order to bend the ends, as well as to dry and cure them before a protective coat of shellac is added. The ash from the furnaces is mixed with sawdust, and spread in nearby bamboo groves as mulch.

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